Brexit on a knife-edge: Boris closes in on securing historic Parliament win for ...

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The Prime Minister needs 320 votes from MPs for his deal to pass through the House of Commons and successfully set the UK free from the EU by October 31. According to several sources Mr Johnson is tantalisingly close to securing the number; shy by just four votes.

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Sam Coates, Sky News’ Deputy Political Editor, shared with his followers last night after hours of number crunching and political loyalty pondering an idea of how MPs would vote.

The close nature of the vote rests in the fact that Mr Johnson’s Government holds no majority in Parliament, leaving him with only 287 voting Conservative MPs.

So far, no Brexiteer has indicated that they will vote against the deal, although speculators say there may be one or two who will secretly plot against the Prime Minister.

Though, if all Tory MPs support their party leader, Mr Johnson looks to have a clean 287 vote sweep, leaving 33 votes to be sucked up elsewhere.

Boris Johnson might scrape the votes he needs to pass his Brexit dealBoris Johnson might scrape the votes he needs to pass his Brexit deal (Image: GETTY/BBC)

Johnson struck a deal with EU negotiators yesterdayJohnson struck a deal with EU negotiators yesterday (Image: GETTY)

The Prime Minister cannot rely on mustering up the 10 votes the DUP would once have issued gratis, as it has emphatically rejected the new Brexit plan on the basis that it gives too many concessions on customs checks at points of entry into Northern Ireland.

Mr Johnson’s Brexit fate now hangs by the thread of opinion on either side of the rebel groups.

The Tory party has 23 rebels who previously plotted against Mr Johnson’s attempts to push through a no deal Brexit.

Of those 23, 21 were kicked out of the Tory party by the Prime Minister.

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The announcement came on Twitter on Thursday morningThe announcement came on Twitter on Thursday morning (Image: GETTY)

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In order to get his deal through

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