‘You’re no Winston Churchill!’ Brexit Party MEP blasts Boris Johnson over deal

It is no secret the Brexiteer idolises the wartime prime minister, having grown up listening to his father Stanley Johnson recite passages from Mr Churchill’s speeches. But Mr Johnson, who wrote a biography on his political hero in 2014 during his time as mayor of London, has more in common with Edward Heath, the prime minister who took Britain into the EU, according to MEP June Mummery. The Brexit Party representative for the East of England accused Mr Johnson of betraying British fishermen to deliver the results of the EU referendum for the sake of the Conservative Party’s reputation.

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Ms Mummery told Express.co.uk: “Boris Johnson had a chance to be a Churchill but instead he is like an Edward Heath.

“I was very upset when I heard about the deal. It is not Brexit.

“Boris has put party before country. I had thought that Boris was better than that.

“But I’m not shocked, I was quite expecting it to happen. It is a big betrayal."

brexit-deal-boris-johnsonBrexit Party MEP June Mummery said Mr Johnson had a chance to be like Churchill but failed (Image: GETTY)

brexit-deal-boris-johnsonMr Johnson announced he had agreed a deal with the EU on Thursday (Image: GETTY)

Speaking at the launch of the Renaissance of East Anglian Fisheries’ (REAF) post-Brexit strategy in Parliament on Thursday, Ms Mummery said fishermen were “desperate to break free” from the “yolk of Brussels rule”.

According to the terms of the revised withdrawal agreement, Britain will have to abide by the rules of bloc’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) during a transition period until a free trade agreement (FTA) is negotiated.

And even when an FTA is struck, many Brexiteers fear it will be on Brussels’ terms and could see fishermen in the UK unable to escape the clutches of Europe.

Ms Mummery said: “We are going to be kept in the CFP for three years now and supertrawlers will be able to continue hoovering up all of our fish.

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brexit-deal-boris-johnsonMs Mummery, pictured right, said Mr Johnson would be remembered as an Edward Heath-type figure (Image: GETTY)

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“I would rather stay in the EU than have that deal go through.

“I am very disappointed with Boris, how he could do

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