Star Wars 9 The Rise of Skywalker LEAK? First look at Palpatine’s face in new ...

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The final trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker has landed. But we still haven’t seen Palpatine’s face from the front. Of course, there’s the poster of him looming over Rey and Kylo Ren, but what about Ian McDiarmid himself back in action? Well, now an image has found its way on to Reddit that could be a leaked still from the movie. The shot in question sees Rey in front of Palpatine’s throne.

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It’s the same throne from the latest trailer with big black spikes.

And in the centre of the image is Palpatine upon it.

The Emperor has his arms in the air unleashing his Force lightning.

Again, as suggested by The Rise of Skywalker trailer, he appears to be in a physical form after all.

As for the still’s legitimacy, Making Star Wars’ Jason Ward seems to have confirmed it’s the real deal after being asked on Twitter.

A fan alluded to “that Palpatine picture that is out there” to which he replied “Real.”


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