UK weather forecast: Bonfire Night misery as huge downpours and winds batter ...

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Friday looks set to be swamped by heavy rains while simultaneously being smashed by strong winds, as according to the Met Office. Meteorologist Alex Deakin explained that despite a renewed dry period in the past weeks, the UK can look forward to milder temperatures that will, however, make for wet weather.

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Mr Deakin said: “Large chunks of the country have so far had a dry working week and the mornings have been quite cold in in places.

“Friday morning offers something a little different - it won't be as cold, it won't be as frosty, because there's much more cloud around and that cloud will provide outbreaks of rain and drizzle.”

Despite the cold spell disappearing, parts of the country will experience temperatures as low as zero, potentially going into negative figures in rural areas.

Mr Deakin explained: “Through Thursday evening temperatures will drop to freezing across parts of Scotland but as the cloud and rain arrives through the early hours temperatures actually starting to rise

UK weather forecast: bonfire weekend looks set to be considerably wetUK weather forecast: bonfire weekend looks set to be considerably wet (Image: WXCHARTS)

Alex Deakin warned of swampy rains from the continentAlex Deakin warned of swampy rains from the continent (Image: Met Office)

“Still a bit of a cold start in the far north, it’s largely dry here but through much of central and southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England there will be dull, damp and misty rain and drizzle coming and going.”

This rain that starts in Scotland will gradually wane as it makes its way downward through the rest of the country.

The meteorologist said: “The rain will start to ebb away from parts of southern England and that process will continue so turn drier in south Wales and maybe across the Midlands as well.

“Through the morning it stays fairly damp over northern England, and so much of central and southern Scotland may start to brighten up a little bit across England and Wales - maybe in time through Northern Ireland.”

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Temperatures will be warmer, though at the cost of heavy downpoursTemperatures will be warmer, though at the cost of heavy downpours (Image: Met Office)

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