Mars shock: NASA makes groundbreaking discovery on Red Planet as rover finds ...

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The rover has uncovered a vital part of Mars’ history, finding an unusual Gale Crater not the Red Planet’s surface. The crater is unusual in its appearance, resembling a giant ring produced by an impact some 3.5billion years ago.

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Despite its being a crater, a mountain protrudes and shoots up straight from the middle, known as Mt. Sharp after geologist Rovert P. Sharp.

Despite the strange mountain fixture in its centre, scientists have been drawn more to Mars orbiters detecting signals that have suggested a mix of sediments in the crater, indicating a hitherto understood complex history.

The rover landed on Mars in August 2012 and has since scoured the land in an attempt to further humankind’s understanding of foreign worlds.

It has rolled across the 100-mile wide basin on its six wheels, studying the evidence close up.

mars1NASA finds lost oasis on Mars (Image: GETTY)

mars2The curiosity rover first landed in 2012 (Image: GETTY)

Scientists using satellites orbiting Mars have detected sedimentary signifiers of a multitude of climatic eras all within the same place.

Fat clay layers on the floor of the crater point to the area previously being wet, having been possibly fed by streams underneath, or perhaps ones that flowed over the sides of the crater.

Above those layers are sheets of sulphate that likely formed as a result of extremely hot weather.

Then, on top of all this, is the Geddis Valles Channel that may point towards an historic river that once rushed along the craters slopes.

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mars3For the last seven years the robot has been rolling from place to place (Image: GETTY)

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The attractiveness of the Gale site comes in the fact that these layers have all been exposed, revealing the different sediments and making them easy to survey.

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