Could Try Star be split up on X Factor Celebrity?

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Chris Evans, 53, was joined on his Virgin Radio show by the three members of X Factor Celebrity group, Try Star, on Thursday as he joked about boss, Simon Cowell, splitting them up.

Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis appeared on the show ahead of their performance on Saturday evening.

The four chatted about their new venture on the talent show before Chris began joking about Simon splitting them up and forging a solo career for only one member, as he has been known to do in past X Factor shows.

“We need to get it out there, treat it as therapy before the live show,” Chris said.

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Well you know it is, you form, you storm, you reform

Chris Evans

“Simon has been known to say ‘look it’s crunch week, guys there's an elephant in the room here, it’s time for the two book ends to go,’” the host mimicked Simon as the boys burst out laughing.

“What are the whispers backstage Thom?” Chris quizzed.

“You’re right Chris, it has happened in the past,” Thom admitted with a giggle: “But I’m hoping it doesn’t happen to us!”

“Never say never!”

“I’m joking,” Chris laughed, before Levi interjected: “You’re trying to split us up already, Chris. We’ve been together two minutes!”

“Well you know it is, you form, you storm, you reform,” the presenter joked, referring to other bands that have split up and then rejoined years later.

Chris Evans predicts X Factor Try Star's futureChris Evans predicts X Factor Try Star's future (Image: GETTY)

Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host discusses X Factor's Try Star 'splitting up'Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host discusses X Factor's Try Star 'splitting up' (Image: ITV)

Chris revealed that Thom is his cousin on Wednesday’s show, as the host

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