How Nigel Farage’s threat to Tories ‘echoes the anti-EU party which paved ...

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Mr Farage said the Brexit Party will be standing in 500 seats this election, unless Mr Johnson pulls his revised Withdrawal Agreement in pursuit of a no-deal Brexit. The Brexit Party leader – and former Tory – suggested the Conservatives stand down in 150 constituencies so his party could lead, so as not to prevent a split between the Leave voters and Labour subsequently taking the seat. This ‘leave alliance’ was announced after Mr Farage’s broadcasted phone call with Donald , where the President suggested there should be a pact established between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party.

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Mr Farage said: “Do not underestimate our determination nor organisation.”

Mr Farage’s actions can be compared to a previous Eurosceptic party which managed to put pressure on the mainstream parties prior to an election. In the BBC Radio 4 podcast series, ‘Brexit: A Love Story?’, Mark Mardell looked at how Sir James Goldsmith established the anti-EU Referendum Party in 1994.

Mr Mardell said: “His aim came to challenge all except the most Eurosceptic MPs at the next election, in an effort to persuade the parties to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU.”

Sir James even went on the Sir David Frost’s show to announce the idea – initially hoping someone else would set it up.

Nigel Farage and Sir James GoldsmithNigel Farage and Sir James Goldsmith (Image: Getty)

Sir James was a prominent EuroscepticSir James was a prominent Eurosceptic (Image: Getty)

The politician explained: “[It would be] a political party the purpose of which is only one item: to have a referendum.

“The party would be launched and it would exist for thirty days, non-partisan, there would be a candidate in each constituency.

“I want to make clear to the people of this programme, because you kindly invited me, is if they want to do that, I will help them.”

As Mr Mardell explained: “In the end, he answered his own call.”

His wife Lady Annabel explained to Mr Mardell: “[Sir James] said he had a vision or dream that he was standing at the top of a mountain and he could see a train coming with all his family in it and another one coming the other one, and there was going to be the most appalling train crash.

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Sir James and his wife Lady AnnabelSir James and his wife Lady Annabel (Image: Getty)

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