Fortnite shows once again why it is THE Battle Royale game to beat #Fortnite ...

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FortniteFortnite shows once again why it is THE Battle Royale game to beat (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Now that the (cosmic) dust has settled on the launch of Fortnite chapter 2, it's clear why Epic Games boasts the number one Battle Royale game.

Ever since the Fortnite season 3 meteor strike, Epic has known just how to ignite and reignite interest in their free-to-play online shooter.

They have a knack of building hype and fan interest in Fortnite in a way that no other rival developer has managed to crack.

Online shooters always run the risk of becoming stale after a player has expended all they can out of a map.

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Hence, the games as a service model which helps drive all those regular updates Fortnite keeps on getting.

Just when fans could be on the precipice of getting bored, a new map location crops up, or a limited time mode, or a seasonal event.

Other Battle Royale games have tried similar approaches, such as Apex Legends, PUBG or H1Z1.

But none have managed to crack continually keeping players engaged in the same way that Fortnite has.

That season 3 meteor event laid the blueprint on how to spark fan interest and in-depth theories with cleverly placed clues and tidbits of information.

This model was continued and refined on a regular basis, with highlights being Kevin the Cube's journey across the map and the robot vs monster event.

Not only do these 'live' events bring Fortnite fans together in and outside of the game, but it provides

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