‘ #JeremyCorbyn is a dredged up fossil!' #Boris destroys #Labour in exclusive ...

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A VICTORY for “political fossil” Jeremy Corbyn in the General Election would be “catastrophic” for Britain, Boris Johnson has said.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Nov 3, 2019

jeremy corbynCorbyn’s claims have been rubbished by the prime minister (Image: Getty)

The Prime Minister warned that the election on December 12 is not just about Brexit, but also a clash between “moderate One Nation Conservatism” and Corbyn’s far-Left agenda. Mr Johnson told how Mr Corbyn’s plan to “vilify” the rich was misguided. He said: “I want rich people to pay loads of tax, I want them to be contributing to our society. I don’t want them driven out of Britain.” 

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The Prime Minister also compared Mr Corbyn to a prehistoric fish and said the Labour leader’s claim the Tories would privatise the NHS and sign it over to US President Donald was “less credible than the Loch Ness monster”. 

Mr Corbyn’s plans – which include tax hikes for the rich and share grabs on private companies – have already caused some of the top one per cent of Britons to consider fleeing the country. 

Currently, they pay 30 per cent of the UK’s income tax. 

In policies that have caused widespread alarm across the country, the Labour leader also hopes to spend tens of billions of pounds on the nationalisation of industry. 

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Express, Mr Johnson likened Mr Corbyn to a living fossil from a different era of political thinking. 

In typically colourful style, the Prime Minister said: “He [Corbyn] has a really hare-brained agenda. He is a political coelacanth, he’s a fossil. He’s been dredged up in the nets of some super-trawler from the Mariana Trench of politics. 

“They have found this thing that belongs to a previous epoch of political thought. 

“He genuinely thinks it’s a good idea to take huge sums of money away from ordinary people then take it into the state and spend. 

“He voted against £7,800 of tax cuts for ordinary people just in this Parliament.” 

Mr Johnson also raised serious concerns over Mr Corbyn’s demands to “vilify” the wealthy. The Prime Minister blasted: “I want rich people. The top one per cent pay 30 per cent of income tax – it’s a great thing. 

boris johnsonMr Johnson says Corbyn's approach 'belongs to a previous

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