Archaeology breakthrough: How ‘genesis of Stonehenge’ was found after ...

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The find was made in the Bay of Firth, just a few miles of the mainland of Orkney, Scotland, by archaeologists Richard Bates, and Caroline Wickham-Jones. The pair used state-of-the-art underwater SONAR technology known as Teledyne Blueview to map out the entire bay for any evidence, after acting on a hunch due to the area being well-known for its archaeology. However, they stumbled across something far greater.

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They informed well-known investigator Josh Gates, who showcased the finds on the Discovery Channel's “Expedition Unknown” earlier this year.

He said in February: “As we navigate back and forth across the site, the computer begins stitching together the data and before long, something unusual begins to take shape.

“There’s no question there is a feature down there.”

Dr Bates told the cameras: “There is a definite step in the landscape, look at the curve, it’s circular,” before Dr Wickham-Jones added: “It is not ordinary.”

The structure appears identical to StonehengeThe structure appears identical to Stonehenge (Image: GETTY/DISCOVERY)

Richard Bates, Josh Gates and Caroline Wickham-Jones.Richard Bates, Josh Gates and Caroline Wickham-Jones. (Image: DISCOVERY)

The remains we saw underwater, so reminiscent of the banks and ditches of Stoneheng

Caroline Wickham-Jones

The archaeologists believed the stone dates back to the Bronze Age, which could age it as far as 4,000BC

Most researchers agree Stonehenge was constructed in 3,000BC.

Mr Gates explained why it was such a big find, before jumping in the water to get a closer look.

He added: “If Caroline and Richard can prove that people made or even modified the site it would mean that this is the earliest man-made henged stone-circle monument ever found.

“Perhaps the inspiration for all others that followed.

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SONAR mapped out the site below the waterSONAR mapped out the site below the water (Image: DISCOVERY)

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