UK firm to ‘leave Solar System and inhabit Milky Way planet’ with new ...

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Also known as nuclear fusion, the technology breakthrough is a form of renewable electric power generation created during the same fusion process of a star, just in a controlled environment and it could “save the world”. Currently, the Joint European Torus (JET) is the world’s largest operational facility located at the Fulham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, where scientists work around the clock to scrutinise the technology. JET was built by an international consortium in 1983, which formed the nucleus for the EU's contribution to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) – a megaproject currently being built in Saint-Paul-Les-Durance, France, on a huge scale to capitalise on current advancements.

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However, privately owned British company Pulsar Fusion want to change the game, as CEO Richard Dinan hopes his generation will be the one to inhabit another planet.

He told “Pulsar has taken the view that we know that the technology exists today to generate fusion triple product. 

“We felt that if we could do that, what shall we do with it? Because I’m not a nuclear scientist by trade, I’m not after a Nobel Prize or want to write papers. 

“I want to have a meaningful application for this technology in my lifetime.

The rocket could help NASA leave the Solar SystemThe rocket could help NASA leave the Solar System (Image: GETTY)

Nucelar fusion is a new technology breakthroughNucelar fusion is a new technology breakthrough (Image: GETTY)

I want to have a meaningful application for this technology in my lifetime.

Richard Dinan

“My view is if you can achieve a fusion burn today it’s like a new generation of flame.

“There’s not just one application for it and with a plasma flame one of the most immediate things you could do with it would be to use it to generate propulsion – you’ve got an excess of energy.”

Mr Dinan explained how he tussled with the idea of whether to create a power station, as others have, or to do something more.

He added: “You can either turn that into a big power station, or you can just eject it out of the back of the device. 

“If we’re going to travel meaningful distances in space – and I say meaningful –  it’s not going to be by setting fire to stuff, everyone knows that. 

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Richard Dinan is Pulsar Fusion's CEORichard Dinan is Pulsar Fusion's CEO (Image: GETTY)

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“We can slowly get around the Solar System, but we’ll never be talking about Alpha Centauri – which is four light-years away. 

“Mars – even that is a heck of a journey on a combustion rocket – if we can get a fusion burn, there will be people doing fusion in space well before there’s a power station. 

“There are just fewer obstacles – so Pulsar has said we’re going to build a criterion we know can be achieved and all that technology is going to be fantastic for the power station.”

Mr Dinan pledged that his company will already have a working application of the technology before 2025.

He continued: “We want to be the first company to test the fusion device in space and we don’t want to do that in 10 years, we’ll do it within five! 

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