Brexit is 'existential threat' to EU due to huge budget shifts says Brexit ...

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Britain has long been one of the top contributors to the European Union common budget, pitching in an estimated £8.9 billion in 2018. Once the UK has left the bloc, the remaining 27 countries will be expected to make up the Brexit losses with additional funding but Mr Szkiler claimed the changes could turn into an "existential threat" for the EU. Speaking to Revelation TV, the Brexit Party candidate said: "When Britain leaves the European Union, it isn’t as though the group of 28 goes down to 27.

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"As the fifth-largest economy in the world, we represent the economic power of the smallest 19 nations in the European Union.

"That being the case, who picks up the tab when they seek money from the EU coffers? That would be Germany."

Mr Szkiler, who is set to run in York Outer at the upcoming election, pointed out the latest economic performance reports sparked concerns of a potential recession taking over Germany over the next year. 

He continued: "Germany is on the verge, it would seem, perhaps of recession so that’s why this is so powerful.

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Brexit news - Nick Szkiler Angela MerkelBrexit news: Nick Szkiler suggested Germany will be "keeping up the tab" after the UK quits (Image: GETTY•REVELATION TV)

Brexit news - Nick Szkiler Brexit PartyBrexit news: Szkiler claimed the UK quitting will pose an "existential threat" to the EU (Image: REVELATION TV)

"Brexit is an existential threat to the European Union and who knows, once we achieve Brexit perhaps the next thing we see is Frexit, Spexit, Grexit.

"It is a phenomenon and there is an amazing, powerful, coordinated attempt to prevent it from happening at all."

The European Commission’s Autumn 2019 Economic Outlook reported Germany, the EU’s biggest economy, is showing significant stagnation over the coming years.

Berlin’s GDP is this year forecast to grow only

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