#GameofThrones - Melisandre’s disappearance from show explained?

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Game of Thrones may no longer be on screens but the HBO show is still alive and well on Reddit. Most recently, talk has turned to Melisandre (played by Carice Van Houten) and where she went when the gap between seasons seven and eight.

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In season seven, Melisandre went to Volantis, and Reddit user arthasmenethil0 has questioned why.

The forum poster wrote: “In season see, she said she has important business in Volantis, but she will return to Westeros because she was destined to die there.

“I know they pretty much scrapped this, but what do you think they intended with that scene?

Fans have been pretty stumped by the plot hole, which was never explained by the time Melisandre returned in season eight. 

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Game of Thrones plot holeGame of Thrones plot hole: Melisandre’s disappearance from show explained? (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones plot holeGame of Thrones plot hole: Melisandre disappeared at the end of season seven (Image: HBO)

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Nevertheless, viewers have been attempting to work out just what happened. 

I_Hate_Nerds theorised: “The main Temple of the lord of Light is in Volantis along with the High Priest of their order.

“One could assume she went back to confer with him on all she’s learned, learned some higher magic and then returned levelled up for the final battle.”

StarkLord89 agreed, suggesting: “Well first of all she ‘would be a distraction’ to Davos and Jon. 

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