Asteroid terror: Fears of carnage as monster rock to pass Earth at 17,000mph on ...

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The monster rock is estimated to be 2,030 feet in feet in diameter. It is being tracked by NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), which keeps an eye on potentially dangerous asteroids.

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The asteroid, named 481394 (2006 SF6) passes by Earth twice a year.

Whilst it is potentially dangerous scientists say the change of the rock hitting our planet are minimal.

If the asteroid was to hit Earth it could potentially wipe out a major city, causing many thousands of deaths.

It is expected to pass closest to Earth on November 12 at approximately 12am GMT.

AsteroidThe monster rock is estimated to be 2,030 feet in feet in diameter (Image: GETTY )

AsteroidThe asteroid, named 481394 (2006 SF6), passes by Earth twice a year (Image: GETTY )

The exact course of asteroids is difficult to predict, but scientist think it will come within 2.7 million miles of our planet.

According to the CNEOS “all asteroids with an orbital inclination of at least 0.05 astronomical units or less and an absolute magnitude of 22 or less are considered potentially dangerous”.

Astronomical units are used as a rough measure of the distance between Earth and the Sun.

An asteroid strike on Earth from a large rock could cause carnage.

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AsteroidAn asteroid strike on Earth from a large rock could cause carnage (Image: GETTY )

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In response authorities spend considerable resources tracking known asteroids and searching for new ones.

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, which wiped out the

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