#DC and #Marvel movies: How accurate are comic book movies? Expert speaks out

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DC, partnering with Warner Bros, and Marvel, now working with Disney, have made some mega movies. From Iron Man to Wonder Woman, millions flock to their nearest cinemas to see the latest instalment in the DCEU and MCU franchises. But how accurate are these movies when compared to the comics - and is that even important?

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For some Marvel and DC purists, seeing their favourite superhero on screen is a huge deal.

But one important aspect of making the move from comic book to screen can be accuracy.

For many fans, they wish to see people they recognise in the cinema, whether that be in their costumes, their mannerisms or their integrity.

However, comic book expert and the UK’s only comic book professor, Professor Chris Murray, disputes this, instead saying he places little value in “being ‘true’ to an original”.

How accurate are comic book movies?How accurate are comic book movies? (Image: Warner Bros/Marvel)

Speaking to Express.co.uk , Professor Murray said: “Adaptation isn’t about fidelity or accuracy. I don’t place much value in being ‘true’ to an original.

“Comics are always reinventing origin stories, so there is no stable ‘authorised’ version of a character or origin that an adapter should be obliged to follow.

“I think comics readers understand that pretty well, but… the only stories that tend to appear are ones with fans frothing at the mouth with rage about some supposed betrayal of the source material. That is a caricature of fandom.”

As far as Professor Murray is concerned, fans love to reinvent their favourite characters, using many methods including cosplay and fan fiction, both of which are hugely popular in the Marvel and DC worlds.

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