Politicians #NHS splurge ploy to win over election voters

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In the vast majority of instances, those making these promises have never run a company and struggle to run a bath but none of that dissuades them from the firm belief that throwing more cash at a problem solves it. What utter ill-informed cobblers. If you gave the people who make cornflakes more money, would the product taste any better? Of course not, but to these economic minnows it’s the solution.

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nhsNHS bares brunt of political tactics in battle to win over voters (Image: Getty)

The Labour Party promised to plough countless extra billions into the NHS last week which prompted the Conservatives to remind us they’ve spent more than any previous government on the service and are also ready to spend more.

We all cherish the NHS and due to the reverence and love so many have for it, it’s close to a religion in this country. But you have to accept it has a series of problems at its core and while money will obviously help, it is in no way the only solution.

The annual budget for the NHS is already £166billion. That equates to more than £3billion each week. Are these hopeless politicians really saying we just throw more cash at it?

The harsh truth is we need a detailed audit trail of where the existing NHS funds go. A report last year showed some shocking examples of how fortunes are mis-spent.

For instance, while one hospital was buying packs of rubber gloves for 35p, another was spending £16.47p. Toilet rolls at one hospital cost 34p while another was spending 76p per roll.

jeremy corbynJeremy Corbyn's Labour promised to plough extra billions into NHS (Image:

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