Google Maps cameras caught one girl in a very unfortunate situation

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GOOGLE MAPS is a great tool for checking our far-flung locations or simply for finding a faster route to work. Every now and then, though, its Street View camera captures unexpected moments such as the embarrassing moment a young girl took a tumble in front of her friends.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 05:01, Sun, Nov 17, 2019

Google Maps has been around since 2007 and boasts several digital features that allow users to find their way around the globe. StreetView is one of the features on offer and allows users to check out various options at street level, which can be particularly interesting if you come across an unexpected situation. In one part of the world a young girl was captured during a moment she’d probably prefer to forget - that is if her friends will let her.

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It appears to be a bright and sunny day in an unknown location.

A group of school children is walking downhill in a residential area.

They are all dressed in matching school uniforms, so it is likely they were either heading to or from school at the time.

Alas, as often happens, one of the young girls has tripped and taken a tumble.

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Google Maps Street View: FallGoogle Maps Street View: Cameras caught this embarrassing moment (Image: Google Maps)

Potentially painful, its almost certainly an embarrassing moment as her peers stand around and appear to be laughing at the situation.

A young boy and another girl in a checkered pinafore stand and look on.

Meanwhile, another female, presumably a school friend or peer, appears to be

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