Did Jesus have TWIN BROTHER?

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JESUS CHRIST had a twin brother and he was one of the Apostles, a Bible scholar has claimed.

PUBLISHED: 16:14, Tue, Nov 19, 2019 | UPDATED: 16:33, Tue, Nov 19, 2019

Professor Dale Martin, American New Testament scholar at Yale University, has revealed how certain Christian traditions believe Jesus had a twin brother. The Bible expert said in a Yale University YouTube video: “His brother was Didymus Judas Thomas”.

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Didymus is the Greek word for "twin", while "Thomas" is Semitic, either Hebrew, Aramaic or Syriac, which are all similar languages.

Jesus' twin brother was Didymus Judas Thomas

Professor Dale Martin

Professor Martin said: “His ‘real’ name is Judas, and Didymus and Thomas are his nicknames – one Greek and the other Semitic or Aramaic.

“This was used as evidence by some early Christian traditions that Thomas was the twin brother of Jesus.

“One strand of Christianity in particular – the Thomasine Christian tradition – believed this.”

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bible news did jesus christ have twin brother gospel of thomas apostleBible bombshell: Certain Christian traditions believe Jesus had a twin brother (Image: Getty)

Doubting-Thomas-c1268.-Artist-Toros-RoslinBible bombshell: 'Doubting Thomas', c1268 by T'oros Roslin (Image: Getty)

The Thomasine tradition was a form of Christianity particularly popular in areas of the modern-day Middle East, which traced its tradition back to the Apostle Thomas.

It is very likely the Apostle Thomas – who had the nickname ‘Twin’ - really was a historical figure.

Traditional Orthodox Christians,

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