Nicola Sturgeon mocked over debate rejection as SNP leader challenges Boris ...

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Nicola Sturgeon challenged Boris Johnson to a head-to-head debate after ITV ruled the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and the Liberal Democrat leaders were not required to appear on the first general election debate on Tuesday. The Scottish First Minister suggested Boris Johnson is a "scaredy-cat" for refusing to confront her but her statement sparked uproarious mockery toward her on social media. One user openly branded the SNP leader as "irrelevant" to the debate, writing on Twitter: "It's not that he is scared to debate you, it's just you are of no consequence and irrelevant."

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Another user quoted the small share the SNP secured at the general election in 2017 to justify the decision to exclude Ms Sturgeon from the televised debate: "The SNP got, what, 3% of the UK vote. Why on earth would Boris Johnson want to debate her? She has nothing to say."

Other users compared the First Minister's role to that of a local councillor with no influence on overall UK policy: "It's the equivalent of her debating a Local Community Council Leader. She's not a Member of Parliament, if she wants to debate the PM it's easily.

"1. Become an MP, 2. Stand candidates in UK constituencies, 3. Win enough to be the second biggest party. She is the scaredy old moggie."

Another Twitter user added: "ITV decided who to invite based on who has a realistic chance of being the next PM, no?

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General election 2019 - Nicola Sturgeon Boris JohnsonGeneral election 2019: Nicola Sturgeon was mocked after she challenged Boris Johnson to a debate (Image: LBC•GETTY)

General election 2019 - Nicola SturgeonGeneral election 2019: Nicola Sturgeon claimed Boris Johnson is a "scaredy-cat" for refusing to debate her (Image: LBC)

"Three-quarters of the UK cannot back Nicola despite 3rd most seats. If she is invited then there’s an argument for Jo, and if she is there could be one for Nigel. Other debates are being held for this reason"

And another user wrote: "She still doesn't understand there is no need for the UK PM to debate anything with the FM. She’s not going to be PM, she’s in charge of a small council and making a mess of that.

"Now, as

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