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Terminator Resistance

TERMINATOR Resistance is somehow both a prequel and a sequel to the best two films in the Terminator franchise.

PUBLISHED: 09:50, Mon, Dec 2, 2019 | UPDATED: 11:06, Mon, Dec 2, 2019

Life for your average Terminator fan is pretty challenging these days. Not only does each new movie abjectly fail to deliver a return to the glory days when Terminator 2 was the biggest box office smash in the multiverse (spoiler alert: Dark Fate isn’t the return to form we were all hoping for), but their increasingly convoluted stories ask you to hold enough alternate timelines in your mind at once that you need a neural net processor to make sense of them. Now the franchise brings us the ultimate time-bending instalment: a video game based on a movie that came out in 1991, set in 2028, released in 2019… but seemingly made in about 2003.

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It’s a major feather in Terminator: Resistance’s cap that it disregards every abysmal sequel from Terminator 3 onwards, basing its story solely around the events depicted in the first two classic films.

This decision by Polish developer Teyon probably has much more to do with the infamously complicated mess of the official movie rights, but if it means we avoid the Terminatrix, Genisys, Legion or any of the other rubbish, then it’s a great start.

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic future dystopia of Los Angeles, 31 years after Judgement Day marked the near-extinction of the human race at the hands of malevolent mainframe Skynet.

This makes it, bizarrely, both a prequel and a sequel to the movies (I told you this would get confusing), and more importantly provides a great excuse to pit its band of brave survivors against endless waves of murderous machines.

Terminator Resistance on PS4Terminator Resistance on PS4 (Image: REEF)

You are cast as Jacob Rivers, a cookie-cutter honourable-soldier-type who is rescued from the blazing ruins of Pasadena by a mysterious stranger in an opening sequence that quickly establishes that the game is a first-person shooter, and that it has incredibly dated graphics.

Seriously, it put me immediately in mind of Quake 2 – so if you’re after a jaw-dropping Triple-A spectacle, this is most definitely not the game for you. However, once you’ve adjusted to this, the utilitarian visuals quickly become perfectly adequate: the iconic metal endoskeletons of the T800s are suitably chilling as they menacingly patrol amongst smouldering wreckage and crumbling houses that provide a suitably bleak, Fallout 3-style backdrop for the game’s events.

In fact, the Fallout 3 comparisons can be extended to include many of the game’s mechanics: we forage for tradeable resources, barter for better weapons and healing items, accrue experience points for completing side quests that can be invested in increased stats and other perks, and even utilise a lock-picking mechanic that is identical to the Bethesda game.

Terminator Resistance on PS4Terminator Resistance on PS4 (Image: REEF)

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