Brexit Party to clean up in Wales? How 'old Labour' voters back Farage over ...

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YouGov MRP polling last week put Jeremy Corbyn's Labour on 211 seats, giving Boris Johnson's Conservatives a majority of 68. Two candidates in northeast Wales, where Labour is expected to lose seats for the first time in decades, have said former Labour supporters are finding themselves attracted to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. Nigel Williams, Brexit Party PPC for Delyn, said one voter even told him they have taken on the role of Labour.

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He told “Someone said today to us: for the first time they’ve finally got someone to vote for who is like the old Labour Party from years ago.

“And that they’re looking for a middle of the road party – we couldn’t believe it when we were told that.

“So for the odd people saying ‘you’re the far right party’ – Labour people are now saying ‘hang on a minute, you’re now taking on the mantle of what the Labour Party said they would do 20 years ago!’”

He was backed up by the party’s candidate for Clwyd South, Jamie Adams, who added that Labour made many promises that they have not been able to keep.

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nigel farage jeremy corbynAre 'Old Labour' supporters flocking to the Brexit Party? (Image: GETTY)

brexit party candidateDelyn Brexit Party candidate Nigel Williams (Image: Supplied)

Mr Adams told “I completely agree. I think that’s easiest to understand when you talk to the old Labour [voters] and they identify with what we’re saying.

“It’s about trying to give back the country some sort of control and investing back in the country.

“And it’s things that Labour used to be known for but they’ve never really managed to achieve it – and now they’ve completely moved away from it.

“And there’s definitely, in terms of the support, we’re seeing old Labour supporters identify with us.”

Brexit Party ppcClwyd South Brexit Party candidate Jamie Adams (Image: Supplied)

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