#Joker sequel: Will there be a Joker 2? THIS may be reason why film WON’T ...

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Joker was a surprise smash, given DC’s record of putting out superhero movies so far. The film is the first R-rated film to pass the billion-dollar mark in terms of box office takings, and it is so far the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2019. Fans have been crying out for a sequel, but there may be one reason why that absolutely does not happen.

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Speaking to Deadline’s Behind the Lens, director Todd Phillips suggested one difficulty he had when making the first film: convincing its star, Joaquin Phoenix, to join the franchise.

Phillips said: “A lot of actors are resistant to stepping into that world because of the implications that come with it.

“I know Joaquin had been approached in that universe before, the comic book universe, and he’s always not done it.

“So it wasn’t an easy thing, but he read the script and we just had these long meetings that went on for, quite frankly, months, of talking about what it could be, what it’ll look like, what it’ll feel like.

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Joker sequel: Will there be a Joker 2? THIS may be reason why film WON’T happenJoker sequel: Will there be a Joker 2? THIS may be reason why film WON’T happen (Image: Warner Bros)

“I think he was also feeling me out as much as he was feeling out the idea of doing one of these kind of films.”

Phillips even admitted he pitched the film to Warner Bros with Phoenix in the lead role, despite not securing the actor for the part beforehand.

As well as this, we know Phoenix has turned down roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including The Hulk (to replace Edward Norton) and Doctor Strange, with one of the reasons seeming to be related to the “requirements” of superhero films.

Speaking to Time Out on why he turned down Doctor Strange, Phoenix said: “There

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