Pilots have revealed what really goes on in the cockpit

PILOTS are tasked with a lot of responsibility, flying hundreds of people across the world at one time. However, while the job itself sounds like an intricate process, pilots on Reddit have shared the terrifying truth of what they’re really doing mid-flight.

PUBLISHED: 11:35, Mon, Dec 2, 2019 | UPDATED: 13:39, Mon, Dec 2, 2019

Pilots carry a lot of responsibility as part of their daily job, flying hundreds of people through the skies on any one journey. To become a pilot takes years of hard work and exams in order to understand the intricate workings of a flight. However, what they are actually getting up to in the cockpit might surprise you. Several pilots took to Reddit to share their inflight “secrets”.

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An anonymous pilot explained that once take off is complete, there isn’t too much the pilots have to do in order to fly the plane.

They wrote: “Pilots are on their phones or reading the newspaper all the time.”

Another seconded this notion saying: “Flying is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror.”

Prior to the enforcement of stringent security rules banning all people other than pilots from the cockpit, passengers could head up there to greet the pilot and even fly with them in certain circumstances.

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Flights: Pilot reveals cockpit secretsFlights: Pilots have revealed that the plane actually "flies itself" (Image: Getty Images)

It was during this time that a passenger got to witness the pilots in action.

Sharing their story, the passenger said: “I got to ride in the jump seat in the cockpit of a commercial jet when I flew standby and the regular seats were 100 percent full. This was back in the good old days when times were simpler.

“Anyway, I remember when the pilots were done dealing with takeoff they both opened full newspapers that covered the entire instrument panel. They took a peek every few minutes. Pretty funny.”

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