Property: How to sell your home before this winter with 10 simple steps

The property market has its ups and downs throughout the year and when it comes to putting up a house on the market, winter can be an uncertain time of year. According to Rightmove, potential buyers tend to be less interested and motivated during the colder months, with Christmas being a big distraction. So, if you're looking to put a house up for sale over the next few months, there are a few things to do to help make a home more desirable to house viewers.

Inside the Home

1. Emphasise the fabulous features

If there are some built-in features that are really worth shouting about in a property, make sure to highlight them during viewing.

Experts at estate agents Michael Graham said: “We find that open plan kitchens are usually at the top of a home buyer's wish list and banquette style seating is also a growing trend. Built-in benches and booths make great use of space and are much more comfortable than perching at an island.”

Looking at what is most desirable to British home owner is also a good idea, for instance a fire place, open plan kitchen, build in wardrobe and so on. Highlighting or paying particular attention on emphasising these features during viewings could increase the likelihood of an offer coming through during these winter months.


2. Make a statement (in a good way)

Make a home stand out while keeping the overall backdrop quite classic and neutral.

One clever way of doing this, as advised by 247 Blinds is by adding a few statement pieces that will leave a good lasting impression, showing potential buyers what can be done with the space.

Rukmini Patel said: “Break out of your comfort zone and choose styles that you’re not used to. My go-tos for creating a statement are lighting and furniture pieces that grab attention, such as a large pendant light hanging low over a dining table.” 

3. Eat, Sleep, - prioritise the main rooms

Buyers won’t expect a house to be as pristine as a show-home but there are certain rooms that deserve special attention.

Helen Silver from The Property Styling Company advised: “Concentrate on the three main rooms - the living room, kitchen and master bedroom as these are the areas where people are likely to spend the most time and are therefore going to pay them the most attention.

“Consider investing in a few new , a couple of

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