Elon Musk: SpaceX CEO attacked for Starlink 'ruining night sky' with latest ...

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CEO Elon Musk’s space project Starlink has been criticised for preventing astronomers from observing the night sky. Clarae Martínez-Vázquez, an astronomer observing the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in Coquimbo, Chile, witnessed a train of Starlink satellites crossing the skies last month, heavily affecting the camera's exposure. Ms Martínez-Vázquez wrote on Twitter: “Wow. I am in shock.

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“In shock at the huge amount of Starling satellites crossed our skies tonight.

"Our DECam exposure was heavily affected by 19 of them.

“The train of Starlink satellites lasted for over five minutes.

“Rather depressing… This is not cool!”

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Elon Musk starlinkElon Musk has been attacked for his space project starlink (Image: Getty)

Space X satellitesClarae Martínez-Vázquez complained of Elon Musk's satellites blocking a meteor shower (Image: Patrick Treuthardt Twitter)

Mr Musk launched 60 of his satellites in May ahead of another 60 his company launched last month.

The Boring Company CEO plans to launch a constellation of the satellites to provide internet access to remote areas through communication with grounded transceivers at an estimated cost of $10billion.

Despite his loft intentions Mr Musk has faced opposition from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) who expressed concern of the use of the satellites in June.

They warned they could threaten both the

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