Passengers left baffled after a turkey was photographed at airport security

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TRAVELLERS at an airport were left baffled after coming face to face with an unexpected creature when passing through security. Do you think this should have been allowed?

PUBLISHED: 13:41, Wed, Dec 4, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:08, Wed, Dec 4, 2019

Travellers passing through an airport were left dumbstruck when they came face to face with an unlikely anima at security. Usually, one of the strictest parts of the airport experience, with stringent safety rules in place banning liquids and even certain perfume bottles, it may have been a surprise to see this creature there. A passenger at the checkpoint snapped a photograph of the moment.

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The image, which was posted on Instagram account @

has since collated 3,743 likes, but has also left travellers questioning the story behind the moment.

The image shows a regular looking airport security, with a conveyer belt topped wit suitcases and bag boxes.

Passengers can be seen going through the safety process, removing shoes and placing items onto the conveyer belt ready to be x-rayed.

The oddity here isn’t necessarily the security process but the turkey, which appears to be joining these flyers on their journey.

Standing directly in the centre of the photograph, between two other travellers, the turkey doesn’t look too concerned about its whereabouts.

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Flights: Turkey spotted at airportFlights: Travellers were left baffled at this airport creature (Image: Instagram @PassengerShaming / Getty Images)

However, travel enthusiasts who have seen the photograph can’t help but make a joke about the

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