'You're getting in the way' Ben Shephard shuts down Swinson's calls for second ...

Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins didn’t hold back in their interview with Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson this morning as they demanded answers over her plans for the future of the country and if she would press on with a second Brexit vote. Shephard made it clear there were many who believed she was delaying Brexit and getting in the way of a democratic vote.

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Shephard began: “The frustration will be, there will be 17.4 million people that voted in that referendum, who will say, you know what, we had a democratic vote, whether you or agree with it or not, we voted to leave.

“You’re stopping a democratic process that has already been voted on, you’re just getting in the way of what has already happened.”

“We’re in a democratic process now and I think it’s right people have the right to choose because there are millions of people who want to remain in the EU,” Swinson hit back.

“And that includes some people who voted Leave in 2016, who look at the mess there has been for last three and a half years and think this is costing more than we were told.

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Ben Shephard Jo Swinson'You're getting in the way' Ben Shephard shuts down Swinson's calls for second Brexit vote (Image: ITV)

Good Morning BritainJo Swinson was grilled on Good Morning Britain today (Image: ITV)

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“This is taking far longer than we were told.”

Shepard shut Swinson down, quipping: “It’s taking far longer than we were told because you’ve thwarted it twice, you’ve already told us that.”

“That’s not the only reason, I’m sorry, it’s because people like Boris Johnson weren’t

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