Travel experts have revealed their top tips for saving money when on holiday

Travelling by plane is a popular method of transit thanks to its speediness and efficiency, however, all too often passengers find themselves faced with unexpected costs. As the budget offering of airlines increases, as does the need to pay for additional things such as check-in and packing. Luckily the experts at The Points Guy UK spoke with to offer their ultimate guide to saving money while you fly.

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Some of the main areas travellers find themselves facing fees when travelling comes in the form of hand luggage charges, checked baggage fees, late check-ins and exchange rates.

Nicky Kelvin, Director for Content at the Points Guy UK, is a seasoned traveller and has his own nifty tips and tricks for saving money.

He points out that many of these savings start at home.

Nicky advises: “Check prices on multiple sites, and check the availability of discount codes and sales on different sites to ensure you are getting the very best price.”

However, for travellers who have already booked their holiday, there are still plenty of ways to guard against additional costs.

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Travel expert offers top tips on saving moneyFlights: Experts reveal their top tips for saving while travelling (Image: Getty Images)

Flights: woman at airportFlights: Passengers can save money by planning in advance (Image: Getty Images)

Exchanging your travel money

Customers can get caught out when exchanging travel money, not only due to fluctuating exchange rates but also due to admin fees charged by certain bureau de changes.

“When exchanging your money, remember that offers the worst exchange rates so either change your currency before you get to the airport, or use a card that offers 0 percent foreign transaction fees for both purchases and ATM withdrawals,” suggests Nicky.

Travellers are always advised to keep an eye on political developments both at home and in their destination country and these can impact the rate of exchange.

Exchanging money in advance of a major political development can bode well for travellers.

Additionally, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis always recommends planning in advance and opting for a credit card designed specifically for overseas spending.

“If you normally spend abroad on debit or credit cards, while the providers get near-perfect rates, most add an up to three percent‘ non-sterling exchange rate fee’ on top - meaning something that costs £100 costs you £103,” Lewis says.

“Yet specialist overseas credit cards don’t add that fee, so you get the same near-perfect exchange rate as the providers – smashing bureau de change – in every country, every time you go away.

“Just ensure you pay the card off in full each month to minimise the interest.”

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