‘This would have happened under Labour!' Angry Jeremy Vine viewer hits back ...

Jeremy Vine welcomed Tony Blackburn, James Max and Jemma Forte onto his Channel 5 show this morning to chat about a number of topics. One of the major talking points was whether or not the row over a boy's hospital treatment cost Boris Johnson viewers’ vote? The Prime Minister refused to look at a photo of a four-year-old lying on a hospital floor, eventually putting the reporter's phone in his pocket.

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One angry viewer slammed the use of the clip to damage the Conservative Party’s campaign as they insisted the NHS would still be in trouble if Labour were running the country.

Storm noted: “Next we’re going to speak to Susan from Hampshire, who says this incident shouldn’t be blamed on any particular party.”

“The incident of the young lad on the floor Susan?” Jeremy asked.

Susan replied: “Good morning. I think that this will have happened if Labour were in charge as well.

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Storm huntley Jeremy Vine‘This would have happened under Labour!' Angry Jeremy Vine viewer hits back at NHS attack - 9.50am (Image: CHANNEL 5)

jeremy VineThe Jeremy Vine caller hit out at the attack on Boris Johnson over the photo (Image: CHANNEL 5)

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“They’re acting as if it was a Tory thing.”

“Yeah, good point,” Jeremy replied. “I suppose the issue, I don’t want to go on about it, maybe tomorrow we’ll forget about it.

“The issue is that Boris Johnson didn’t seem able to say what he probably have should have done, which is to look at the photo and say, ‘That is terrible. I’m on it and by this afternoon I will give you some answers.’

“He couldn’t say that.”

Jeremy VineJeremy clashed with the caller over Boris' reaction to being shown the picture of a young boy (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Susan added: “I agree he handled it wrong but I don’t think it was a mobile phone that was put in his hand when it was put in his pocket.”

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