Fred West’s revolting final New Year's Day request exposed

West was arrested in 1994 for the murder of at least 12 young women and girls, along with his wife Rose West who is thought to have assisted him with most of the killings – and even murdering one on her own. Police became suspicious of the Wests after almost all of their children were taken into social care, but one appeared to be disappeared without a trace, Heather. When the police received a search warrant for their property, they quickly found the Wests’ daughter’s remains in the garden. West admitted to the police that he was responsible.

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As more bodies were found, West confessed – his wife however, maintained that she was not involved and despite mounting evidence has continued to do so over the years.

He took his own life by hanging before he could be convicted, but West is still serving out her life sentences today.

Before he died, West left a letter for his wife dated from several months before, a separate suicide note and a sketch.

In the letter to his wife, recounted in November 1995 by the Herald, he wrote: “Well Rose, it is your birthday on November 19, 1994, and you will be 41 and still beautiful and still lovely and I love you.

Serial killers Rose West and Fred WestSerial killers Rose West and Fred West (Image: Getty)

The Wests killed their own daughter HeatherThe Wests killed their own daughter Heather (Image: South West News/PA)

“We will always be in love. The most wonderful thing in my life is when I met you how our love was special to us. So love, keep your promises. You know what they are.

“When we are put together for ever and ever. It is up to you.”

He then explained how he would like to be buried: “Lay Heather by us. We loved Heather both of us.”

It is believed the couple brutally murdered their eldest child in 1986 after years of psychological abuse, burying the 16-year-old under the patio and proceeding to make up various lies for her siblings about her whereabouts for years.

West later claimed in the confession that he “thought the bloody world of Heather”, and it was his wife who “cut her up”, West just concealed the event.

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The Wests before their 1994 arrestThe Wests before their 1994 arrest (Image: South West News)

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