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Raquel Welch, 79, stole the show when she stepped out in a now infamous fur bikini in 1966 dinosaur epic One Million Years B.C. While reflecting on her iconic look in the film in a recent interview, the actress teased fans about whether she will ever wear the skimpy costume again.

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However, she explained the swimsuit is “probably” being stored in “an archive somewhere”.

Speaking to The Sunday Post, Raquel divulged: “Of course I have great memories and some souvenirs. 

“I’m asked if I still have that bikini, but there were about six of them, and they’re probably in an archive somewhere. 

“One day one of them will turn up in a museum or auction.”

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Raquel WelchRaquel Welch in surprising revelation about fur bikini (Image: GETTY)

Raquel Welch One Million Years BCRaquel Welch wore the outfit in One Million Years BC (Image: GETTY)

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In spite of the bikini not being in her possession, Raquel hinted she would like to reprise her role as Loana if there was a sequel to the movie. 

She added in reference to the daring outfit: “I’m not sure if I will ever wear it again but you never know – perhaps one day the script will drop through the door for Two Million Years BC!

“If it does, I hope it has more dialogue than the first one. I had three lines in that, the rest was silent. 

“I rehearsed those three lines over and over, really worried I’d get them wrong.”


Raquel Welch picturesRaquel Welch played Loana in the film (Image: GETTY)

Raquel Welch interviewRaquel Welch

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