MH370 shock: New documentary reveals ‘mystery woman’ who could unveil fate ...

In a new investigative series about the doomed aircraft, authorities have claimed that they have found a woman who sent a message to a man on board the plane just two days before it vanished seemingly into thin air. In a preview of the new documentary ‘MH370: The Untold Story’ an expert said: “They also tracked down the mystery woman.

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“Two days before the flight, she sent him a message…"

Back in 2014, authorities first investigated a mystery woman who made a two-minute phone call to the captain of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, just before the plane took off.

However, this was not the most mysterious aspect of the phone call.

The call was reportedly made using a pay-as-you-go SIM card that was purchased under a false identity.

mh370MH370 news: New documentary reveals ‘mystery woman’ who could unveil fate of doomed jet (Image: GETTY)

mh370The mystery of MH370 could be solved in a new documentary (Image: GETTY)

It was one of the last calls made to or from the Captain’s mobile in the hours before he left Kuala Lumpur in MH370.

In Malaysia, anyone buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card must fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number.

The measure was put in place in order to help prevent terrorism after 9/11.

The mobile number was traced to a shop in Kuala Lumpur and the authorities tried to trace the woman.

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mh370The Malaysia Airlines plane, flight MH370, and all 239 people on board disappeared (Image: GETTY)

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Authorities feared the phone call was a possible link between the Captain and terror groups who regularly used these types of phones.

However, it is not yet

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