Weight loss: Limited mobility inspired woman to drop 5 stone following simple ...

WEIGHT loss isn’t always simple but looking to those who have gone through a transformation could provide a slimmer with valuable tips and tricks for their own weight loss journey. Limited mobility led one woman to a five stone weight loss after following a simple weight loss diet plan.

PUBLISHED: 08:39, Tue, Jan 7, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:15, Tue, Jan 7, 2020

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be a life-changing decision and it can be inspired by many different reasons. When Aileen Gray, 47, from Edinburgh, had to order a man’s large size uniform for her job as a ticket inspector on the trams, she knew it was time to take action and lose weight.

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Now a svelte five stones lighter, 47-year-old Aileen has become something of a celebrity on the Edinburgh trams with regular commuters commenting on her amazing weight loss achieved through a simple diet plan she followed to shed the weight, what was her weight loss secret?

Aileen revealed that she followed The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan to shed five stone.

She credits her success to the one-to-one support she received throughout her weight loss journey from her consultant, Lynsey Young.

“I’d been squeezing into size 22 tops and my bras had gone up to 40ins,” said Aileen.

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Weight loss: Woman lost 5 stone following simple diet plan - how?Weight loss: Woman with limited mobility was inspired to lose 5st by following simple diet (Image: The 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan)

Weight loss: Woman lost 5 stone following simple diet plan - how?Weight loss: Pictures of before and after Aileen Grey's weight loss transformation (Image: The 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan)

“By the time I was 19-and-a-half stone, I had to ask for a man’s size 42in waist trousers and a 2XL men’s shirt for my work uniform because the women’s sizes didn’t go up enough for me.”

However, It wasn’t only her uniform that was causing her problems though. Another trigger for Aileen was her limited mobility at work.

“I was struggling to walk on my shift,” she said. “We have stairs to climb to the depo office and I was out of breath getting up them.

“I also noticed pain in my knees and ankles, which had originally been caused by an old motorbike injury but was getting worse.


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“I also had stomach acid reflux, which was

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