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Slimmers are always looking for quick ways to achieve their body goals with burning belly fat as one of the top priorities. Celebrity personal trainer and co-founder of online fitness, nutrition, and health platform Results with Lucy, Cecilia Harris, has revealed her top tips on getting rid of belly fat and achieving celebrity sculpted abs.

What are Cecilia Harris’ top tips on burning belly fat?

According to Cecilia, there are five things a slimmer needs to do in order to burn belly fat and get lean abs.

1. Mix it up

The celebrity personal trainer said: “Many of us still rely on crunches to get toned, flat abs but what a lot of people don’t realise is that crunching on its own is not the most effective ab workout because they work only some of the muscles in your core and it’s important to target all the muscles including lower back, hips, and upper thighs. 

“A few of my favourite ab deifying exercises would have to include a plank with a side crunch, mountain climbers, leg lifts, plank with knee to elbow and alligator drags where you are basically in a high plank position and you use your hands to drag the rest of your body across the floor. You will need to put the balls of your feet on some gliders or a tea towel, so they easily slide across the floor,” she added.


2. Add Weight

According to Cecilia, one of the best ways for a slimmer to burn belly fat and tone their abs is by overloading their muscles with weights.

“One of the best ways to tone your abs is to overload the muscles by adding weight to a movement,” she said. “If you’re holding a plank balance some weight on your back but be careful to keep the core strong and engaged so your lower back doesn’t take the brunt.

“Adding weight builds your muscles so you get that pop of ab definition! Try weighted Russian twists, dumbbell sit-ups, cable crunches and dumbbell crunches where you hold the dumbbell close to your chest as you crunch,” she added.

3. Create a calorie deficit

However, if a slimmer is carrying excess

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