Elon Musk STRIPTEASE shock: Tesla CEO sends fans into meltdown - 'Can’t ...

Elon Musk danced to Axwell and Ingrosso's song 'More Than You Know' was played on stage, at which point Musk broke into a dance, even throwing his jacket off at one point which social media users said they “can’t unsee”. The Tesla CEO has since tweeted a clip of the dance, writing: "At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!!" Unsurprisingly, many Tesla fans have replied to the tweet, with many joking about Musk's 'clumsy' moves.

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One user said: "Peak Dad dancing," while another added: "Should've taken it all off."

Meanwhile, others suggested that the striptease could be the start of a new career for Musk, with one suggesting that he “quit Tesla and become a stripper”.

And hilariously, one user compared Musk's awkward moves to the hilarious Windows 95 launch dance, in which Bill Gates danced alongside several other Microsoft executives.

The ceremony was attended by Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and other senior government officials.

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Elon MuskElon Musk performed a bizarre dance on stage (Image: AFP)

Elon MuskElon Musk declared the dance “not suitable for work” (Image: AFP)

Mr Musk was in Shanghai to open Tesla's new plant, which is developing the first China-made Model 3 Teslas.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Allan Wang, general manager at Tesla China, said: "The demand for our locally-built model 3 is very good.

"We are confident about selling all vehicles manufactured

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