How Prince almost LOST hit song Kiss before snatching it back: 'Too good for ...

Prince’s 1986 hit Kiss is one of his best known songs but there was a time when the track’s destiny looked very different indeed. The Purple One came very close to handing the song over to a different band before snatching it back at the last minute. 

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Back in the 1980s, Prince’s bassist Mark Brown, on a break from touring with The Revolution, began playing with another musical project, Mazarati.

According to Prince: Life and Times: Revised and Updated Edition, written by Jason Draper, when the superstar musician found out about his bassist’s side project he surprised Brown by offering to help out.

After penning one song for them, 100 MPH, he soon offered the group another unused track: Kiss.

Producer David Rivkin, AKA David Z, and Brown set to work developing the song, giving it its characteristic funk backing.


Prince: Kiss hitmakerPrince: Kiss hitmaker nearly lost the song before snatching it back (Image: GETTY)

Prince: Kiss singer on stagePrince: Kiss star gave the song to another band before taking it back (Image: GETTY)

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Recalling the process he went through with the song, Z later told Sound on Sound: “Starting with a LinnDrum, I programmed the beat and began experimenting.

“Taking a hi-hat from the drum machine, I ran it through a delay unit and switched between input and output in the middle. That created a very funky rhythm,.

“Then I took an acoustic guitar, played these open chords and gated that to the hi-hat trigger.” he added. “The result was a really unique rhythm that was unbelievably funky but also impossible to actually play.”

When Prince came by the studio the next day and heard what Kiss was turning out to be, however, he did a U-turn on his decision to hand it over.

Prince: Kiss singer on stagePrince: Kiss went

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