How were David Tennant and Michael Sheen picked for Good Omens? Director tells ...

It was by no coincidence David Tennant and Michael Sheen were picked for the leading roles as the demon and the angel. The show follows the pair as they work together to try and stop the impending end of the world. Director of Good Omens Douglas Mackinnon has spoken exclusively to about casting for the series on BBC Two and Amazon Prime.

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The director has worked on other series including Dr Who and Sherlock and already had a close connection with Tennant before the casting for Good Omens.

Mackinnon said: “I knew David very well and Neil (Gaiman) knew Michael Sheen. It was like they were right [for the roles].

“With all casting it’s down to availability and the desire to do it.

“Even with the smaller cameos the commitment was brief but intense.”

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Good Omens: How did the stars get the parts?Good Omens: David Tennant and Michael Sheen (Image: BBC)

Good Omens: David Tennant stars as the demonGood Omens: David Tennant as the demon (Image: BBC)

Good Omens: How did the show come about?Good Omens: What is the book about? (Image: BBC)

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But were Tennant and Sheen always destined to play the leading characters?

Mackinnon explained how Terry Gilliam, former member of the Monty Python comedy crew, actually had the rights to make a film version of the series.

He said the leading roles could have been very different in the film version.

Mackinnon said: “Robin Williams and Johnny Depp were going to play the two parts and we can see how that could work.

“Terry had the rights for about 10 years and he was quite close to making a film.”

Good Omens: Michael Sheen plays the angelGood Omens: Michael Sheen plays the good guy (Image: BBC)

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