How Prince William revealed Queen’s ‘most impressive’ trait as monarch

William has been second-in-line to the throne from birth. He has therefore been observing his grandmother the Queen his whole life, so he can learn how to reign himself. The Queen has had a particularly challenging time recently and, in last year’s annual Christmas speech, she emphasised how the last 12 months had been particularly “bumpy”.  To add to a trying few months – which included difficulties with Prince Andrew, a rift between William and Prince Harry and Prince Philip’s Christmas health scare – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced only a few days into the New Year that they would be stepping down as senior royals.

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Many commentators were impressed with how quickly the Queen resolved the situation – but her matter-of-fact manner is not the only trait which may have helped dissipate tensions surrounding the Sussex crisis quickly and efficiently.

In a BBC interview with Nicholas Witchall from April 2016, William explained what has impressed him most about the Queen’s reign, especially as a future monarch himself.

He said: “I think the Queen’s duty and service, her tolerance, her commitment to others – I think that’s all been incredibly important to me.

“That’s been a real guiding example of what a good monarch can be and it’s been incredibly insightful for me growing up, watching her leadership in that role.”

Prince William and the QueenPrince William and the Queen (Image: Getty)

William is believed to have a good relationship with the QueenWilliam is believed to have a good relationship with the Queen (Image: Getty)

2016 was a particularly poignant year for the Queen, as it marked both her 90th birthday and the year she became the world’s longest-reigning monarch.

When the royal correspondent asked what particular lessons William had learned from his grandmother, the royal said he had come to understand you need the “right characteristics” and “qualities” to be a monarch.

He implied he will try to emulate such traits when he ascends the throne.

Tolerance has also been a theme of the Queen's reign.

On his golden anniversary in 1997, Prince Philip praised his wife for that very quality. 

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Meghan and Harry's declaration earlier this month reportedly saddened the QueenMeghan and Harry's declaration earlier this month reportedly saddened the Queen (Image: Getty)

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