What will happen in the next #Riverdale episode?

The previous episode of Riverdale showed Betty (played by Lili Reinhart) feature prominently as she gets to work on a story about the rivalry between schools. The promo video for The Quiz Show episode puts Betty centre stage again. Here is everything we know about the next episode of season four on .

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Promo videos on YouTube shows Riverdale High and rivals Stonewall Prep go head to head in a game show.

Betty is seen looking as if she is ready for a fight and prepared to give her all.

The video shows her frantically pressing her buzzer answering questions.

She looks determined to beat Stonewall Prep’s Bret (played by Sean Depner).

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Riverdale: What happens in The Quiz Show?What happens in the next episode of Riverdale? (Image: )

Riverdale: Betty Cooper stars in the showBetty Cooper is played by Lili Reinhart (Image: )

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The words on screen read ‘you bet your life’ before Bret is heard saying to Jughead Jones (Cole Spouse) “win at any cost, always”.

This suggests the competition and rivalry goes deeper than just a quiz show.

Bret looks as if he means business in the promo video, and we should be nervous.

He and Betty (Reinhart) end up going head to head in the quiz show.

Riverdale: The Quiz Show is the next episodeThe Quiz Show is the next episode on Riverdale (Image:

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