Archaeology breakthrough: How ‘earliest wheel ever found in Britain’ was ...

The find was made at Must Farm quarry, near Peterborough, in an excavation that has been dubbed “Britain’s Pompeii”. The area gets its tag due to its pristine condition that can be attributed to waterlogging, which has led experts to hypothesise that the site was suddenly abandoned following a catastrophic fire in 800BC. Wooden posts were first spotted in the area in 1999, leading to preliminary excavations in 2004 and 2006 but, in September 2015, the University of Cambridge began a full-scale dig covering 1,100 square metres, funded by Historic England.

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The results of the dig were documented during the BBC show “Britain's Pompeii: A Village Lost in Time” but there was one moment that stuck out from the rest.

Professor Alice Roberts, who presented the show, said in 2016: “At every turn, the archaeologists are making groundbreaking discoverers.

“As this object is uncovered, it becomes clear that it is something different.

“A find that demonstrates the people living here had access to the most sophisticated technology.

Britain's Pompeii was hiding many gemsBritain's Pompeii was hiding many gems (Image: BBC)

The dig was documented in 2016The dig was documented in 2016 (Image: BBC)

This incredible discovery suggests the team can look forward to unearthing a wealth of new evidence

Alice Roberts

“This is the earliest complete wheel ever found in Britain.”

Maisie Taylor, a prehistoric wood expert, explained to viewers why the find was big for plotting Britain’s history.

She said: “This is the best-preserved, most complete one from this area, that’s all I need to say, really.

“It’s just bigger and better than anything else, and complete.

“The fact it is complete is wonderful.

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