Coronavirus outbreak: China rapidly constructs 1,000-bed hospital for sick ...

China’s Wuhan, Hubei province, is at the epicentre of the coronavirus disease which has already claimed the lives of 81 people worldwide. More than 100,000 people are feared to have the disease, which has symptoms similar to flu. The emergency facility, named the Huoshenshan or Fire God Mountain Hospital, is expected to take on patients from February 3, according to state media.

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Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang has warned more than five million people left Wuhan before the Chinese Government put the city of 11 million on lockdown last week.

CNBC correspondent Eunice Yoon reported fear of contagion has spread outside the Wuhan area, with locals in capital Beijing preferring to stay indoors over the past few days.

Ms Yoon said: "The Wuhan Mayor just today offered to resign and this is after he said five million people have left Wuhan because of the Lunar New Year holiday and the outbreak.

"That is bigger than the size of the population of the entire city of Los Angeles."

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CoronavirusChina's deadly coronavirus outbreak has sparked the rapid construction of Wuhan's newest hospital (Image: GETTY)

Coronavirus outbreakChina’s Wuhan, Hubei province, is at the epicentre of the coronavirus disease (Image: GETTY )

She continued: "What the government is doing now is take more steps saying they are going to extend the Lunar New Year holiday by three days, to February 2.

"And then two economic centres, Suzhou and Shanghai, have also said they are going to extend their holiday and basically order companies not to return to work until February 8 and 9."

Ms Yoon added: "The question now is really how long will companies stay closed. I talked to four and they said they are trying to decide exactly how long they are going to be staying close for."

Experts have warned Coronavirus has an

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