Varadkar’s crucial blunder as Taoiseach revealed – and it’s not EU policy

Mr Varadkar made some shocking accusations earlier today when he said Britain failed to understand Ireland’s role in the upcoming post-Brexit trade negotiations. He added that Britain has a “very colonial history” and implied the UK had underestimated Ireland. He also recently called for a snap general election to take place at the beginning of February – but his party Fine Gael has already fallen behind its rivals Fianna Fail in the opinion polls.

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Not only has his party dropped in popularity, but the republican Irish party Sinn Fein, which has been campaigning for a united Ireland, has had increased support.

It already appears as though his apparent success throughout the Brexit negotiations over the Withdrawal Agreement will not necessarily help the Taoiseach get back into power.

As author of the 2018 book ‘A Short History of Brexit’ Kevin O’Rourke revealed how Mr Varadkar has failed to properly address one key issue throughout his time in Government, which may subsequently affect his re-election.

Mr O’Rourke told last week: “The election is being fought on domestic issues.

Leo VaradkarLeo Varadkar (Image: Getty)

Varadkar is leading his election campaign off his Brexit successVaradkar is leading his election campaign off his Brexit success (Image: Getty)

“The increased vote for Sinn Fein will have more to do with dissatisfaction with the present government and a perception that it is too right wing, and unhappiness at our housing and health crisis – nothing, or at least not much, to do with Brexit.”

During Mr Varadkar’s time in office, rent prices have soared and more than 10,500 people have resorted to living in emergency accommodation. The Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has also survived two votes of no confidence – but the latest motion which took place in December was seen by many as the beginning of the end of Fine Gael’s time in office.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner earlier this month Mr Varadkar acknowledged there were some problems with domestic issues. He said: “We need to invest in housing, healthcare and education, as well as rural development.

“All of that depends on a good trade deal with the UK after Brexit. I lead the best team to do that for Ireland alongside Tanaiste Siimon Coveney and Helen McEntree.”

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