Susie Dent: #Countdown star addresses major diet change 'May seem strange'

Susie Dent, 55, is the resident lexicographer on Countdown alongside presenter Nick Hewer, 75, and mathematician Rachel Riley, 34. The Channel 4 star has opened up about the reason why she decided to become a vegetarian.

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Susie is known for her love for words - a passion she has shared for 27 years in Countdown’s Dictionary Corner.

She has since opened up about her journey into being a vegetarian which admittedly was not for “health reasons”.

The small-screen star recently chatted with for McDonalds' The Word campaign, where she expressed her appreciation for the food chain having introduced vegan options this month.

Speaking about teaming up with McDonald’s, Susie explained: “It may seem a bit strange because I’m a vegetarian. But for me that was the whole point because some of the offerings on the My McDonalds App and promotion are going to be vegetarian and also for Veganuary.

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Susie Dent: Countdown star addresses major diet changeCountdown star Susie Dent addresses major diet change (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Countdown star Susie Dent opened up about being a vegetarianCountdown star Susie Dent opened up about being a vegetarian (Image: GETTY)

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“So vegan offerings as well. That’s a huge step and a really pleasing one because I think it shows that vegetarian and particularly vegan offerings are going mainstream and that’s key. I’m just pleased that McDonalds are leading the way and their upping their offerings for non meat eaters.”

When discussing why she decided to make the choice to become a vegetarian, Susie admitted it was mainly for “ethical” reasons as opposed to a healthier lifestyle.

“Not for health reasons but more an ethical choice for me,” Susie remarked. “The catalyst for me was driving past a lorry of really cold animals on the motorway and just seeing them really frozen and thinking I don’t have to eat animals.”

She continued: “And to be honest I’ve never been a massive meat eater. I’ve always loved fish and I’ve even liked the vegetarian meat options, like the Quorn’s of this world, so it wasn’t a massive step for me.”

Susie Dent discussed her late co-star Richard WhiteleySusie Dent discussed her late co-star Richard Whiteley (Image: GETTY)

Susie Dent recently teamed up with McDonald's The Word campaignSusie Dent recently teamed up with McDonald's The Word campaign (Image: GETTY)

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