Moon landing faked? 'It’s proof!' Apollo 11 scientist exposes truth after 50 ...

Paul Sakakeeny is a former computer scientist who worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the Sixties. One of his key jobs was overseeing NASA's operating system used during the legendary Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969, known as the General Purpose Simulation System (GPSS). Mr Sakakeeny claims a “serious bug” in the system caused a malfunction during the descent to the lunar surface, which will put an end to any outrageous claim the Moon landings were faked.

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He told “As a computer operator at the former instrumentation lab at MIT which developed the Apollo computers, guidance, hardware software and apps needed to get to the Moon and back, I can say unequivocally the Moon landings were real. 

“The lab's specialised mainframe oversaw and controlled all aspects of Apollo navigation from pre-launch until mission end using a commercial IBM (International Business Machines) simulation programme. 

“The simulation programme actually created the navigation plan and downloaded it to the capsule at T-minus two minutes before launch.  

“The simulator contained a serious bug which was not apparent until the actual lunar lander touchdown.”

The Moon landings happened 50 years agoThe Moon landings happened 50 years ago (Image: GETTY)

The Apollo 11 crewThe Apollo 11 crew (Image: GETTY)

One could say this proves the landing was fake

Paul Sakakeeny

Mr Sakakeeny said the malfunction led to the simulator showing that the lunar lander had crashed into the Moon’s surface.

He added: “The simulation, when adjusted with the real flight data, attempted to land three feet into the Moon's surface, crashing the lander.  

“A fake landing would not have produced the this. 

“One could say this proves the landing was fake because the wrong data fed to the simulator containing an error and if a real landing had occurred the simulator would work.

“Except, despite the best efforts of IBM and MIT the bug was never found, until the year 2000.”

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The computer set-up in Mission ControlThe computer set-up in Mission Control (Image: GETTY)

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