James Bond theory argues 007’s biggest SECRET is hidden in plain sight – ...

James Bond has had a number of incarnations over the years from Ian Fleming’s novels to the 007 film franchise. But now a popular new fan theory argues that the MI6 spy has a big secret that he’s been hiding in plain sight. Allegedly, Bond is illiterate, which is why he never bothers with paperwork.

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Reddit user furiousHamblin, who reckons Pierce Brosnan’s Bond is the least literate of all the 007s, wrote: “James Bond has been around for decades. His 25th film will be out in a few months.

“That's at least 25 high stakes missions facing off against the likes of international terrorists, criminal conspiracies, and rival intelligence agencies. “You would expect this to entail a lot of paperwork. Bond doesn't seem to read much of it.

“Granted, this wouldn't make for action-packed cinema. But even the more cerebral Bond films don't see 007 reading all that much.”

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sean connery and daniel craig james bondsJames Bond theory argues 007’s biggest SECRET is hidden in plain sight – Can YOU guess it? (Image: EON)

james bond actorsJames Bond actors (Image: EON)

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The fan theorist argued: “He'll get a verbal briefing, handed a folder, and he'll look through the pictures.

“It’s more digestible for the audience, it's a more cinematically compatible way to deliver exposition... but it'd also make it easier for you [to] hide the fact you can't read.

“Now, the various Bonds have different attitudes and different approaches to their missions. These attitudes even change between entries in the series

“Some of

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