Will #Corrie's Ryan Connor suffer a tragic loss as Ray Crosby takes revenge on ...

Ryan (played by Ryan Prescott) has taken a back seat on Coronation Street recently after scenes last year saw him strike up rivalry with super villain, Gary Windass (Mikey North). The youngster said goodbye to his mother Michelle (Kym Marsh) in December, after she too made a nemesis of hotel owner, Ray (Mark Frost), who took over the deeds to her former business, the Bistro. However, she didn’t departure the ITV soap without one last rematch and with a score to settle. Could the entrepreneur have her killed, leaving her son heartbroken as he learns of his mother’s death?

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Michelle and Ray got on like a house on fire when they met last year, with the former barmaid considering going into business with him.

When the sleazy character invited her to a hotel room to discuss their plans a little further, he made untoward advances and the fiery mother didn’t hold back in letting people know what he was like.

Knowing full well he was guilty, the businessman threatened a lawsuit upon her head but despite this, she told her son Ryan, who was left devastated when he was told about his soon-to-be boss' true colours.

It didn’t seem like the former Bistro owner was willing to let bygones be bygones before she left, so if he gets word his name is being tarnished because of Michelle speaking of her ordeal, will he go to extreme lengths to have her silence?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan Connor and Ray CrosbyCoronation Street spoilers: Ryan Connor suffers tragic loss as Ray Crosby takes revenge? (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor and Ray CrosbyCoronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor was shocked when Ray Crosby made advances towards her (Image: ITV)

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When soap star Kym, 43, announced her exit last year, it was revealed the door had been left open for the character to return.

However, speaking with press, including Express.co.uk ahead of her departure airing, the actress explained the circumstances surrounding her decision and hinted she might never come back.

“We very much equally saw it as a break,” she said.

“We didn’t see it as me saying goodbye. I love the character and I love the show and it is definitely not the end of Michelle,” she

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