Egypt breakthrough: 'Lost fourth Pyramid of Giza FOUND' after remarkable ...

The Giza Plateau is home to the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure, all built during the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. But, according to the account of Frederik Ludvig Norden in 1737, there once stood a fourth pyramid to the west of the Menkaure Pyramid, which was later destroyed to build the city of Cairo. Almost 300 years later, Mr Sibson revisited the description to see if he could find any hard evidence, posting the results his YouTube channel “.

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He said: “Using Norden's own words, looking at the topography of the land and also drawing on my research from the past couple of years, I believe I have found the location for where the lost, fourth pyramid of Giza once stood.

"Looking at satellite photos of Giza, we are looking for an area slightly west of the main rough diagonal axis, an area beyond the Pyramid of Menkaure.

“I used to think the pyramid may well have sat in the rectangular enclosure to the west of the Menkaure pyramid, but this doesn’t really work as it doesn’t match Norden’s words.

“Looking at his map, we can instantly see that it isn’t to scale or accurate when comparing it to a satellite photo, but it does give us a rough estimate of how the pyramids were laid out and the fourth pyramid certainly isn’t due west of the Menkaure pyramid.

A fourth pyramid of Giza may have been foundA fourth pyramid of Giza may have been found (Image: GETTY/YOUTUBE)

Norden's sketches from the 1700sNorden's sketches from the 1700s (Image: YOUTUBE)

The Wall of the Crow leads directly to this small patch of land that I’ve already identified as the best possible location for the fourth pyramid

Matthew Sibson

“This sketch by Norden, looking towards the southwest also shows that the fourth pyramid is on the diagonal and again is not due west of the Menkaure pyramid.

“So the obvious place for the pyramid to be is in the space outside the Menkaure enclosure and the rectangular enclosure as well.”

But Mr Sibson then made a breakthrough in his research, matching the location with what he believes to be an ancient causeway.

He added: “This would put the missing pyramid slightly due west of the rough axis of the three main pyramids on what looks to be some flat prepared ground.

“You may say that this is just guesswork, but then I remembered the Wall of the Crow, a 650-feet-long and 32-foot-high wall located to the south of the Sphinx.

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