Brexit Day poster telling neighbours to ‘speak English or leave’ ...

POLICE are investigating a ‘Happy Brexit Day' poster that told residents of a block of flats to only speak English or leave the country.

PUBLISHED: 14:59, Sun, Feb 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:43, Sun, Feb 2, 2020

The poster, that was found stuck on fire doors across all 15 floors of Winchester Tower in Norwich on Friday morning - the day the UK formally left the European Union, proudly declared: “We finally have our great country back.” It told residents of the flats that “we do not tolerate” people speaking languages other than English in the building and said those unwilling to do so should leave the UK. Norfolk Police confirmed they were investigating the incident and said they had seized the poster for forensic inquiries.

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Addressing residents, the poster said: “The Queens [sic] English is the spoken tongue here.

“If you do want to speak whatever is the mother tongue of your country you came from then we suggest you return to that place and return our flat to the council so they can let British people live here and we can return to what was normality before you infected this one great island.”

The text continued: “You won’t have long till our government will implement rules that will put British first. So, best evolve or leave.

“God Save the Queen, her Government and all true patriots.”

brexit day poster racistPolice are investigating a 'Happy Brexit Day' poster stuck on doors in a tower block (Image: Twitter)

police brexit day posterThe poster told residents to 'speak English or leave' (Image: Twitter)

In a statement, the police said: “Those posters kept by residents have since been seized for forensic inquiries and we will be working with the council to examine any available CCTV.

“There is no place in society for hatred and intolerance. Nobody should have to face

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