Big Bang Theory: Who is guest star Kelli Goss?

Fans of The Big Bang Theory on  are wondering who the actress Kelli Goss is in the show. She appears in the episode The Communication Deterioration which was in series eight. She plays the character Chelsea in the episode, where Raj is given the job of crafting a message for NASA.

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Who does Kelli Goss play?

Kelli Goss only stars in the one episode of The Big Bang Theory, as Chelsea.

Chelsea appears in the episode when Penny goes to audition for a major film.

She is in the waiting room with Penny as the group goes over the script for the audition.

The pair are sitting with Sara Erikson who plays Gwen in the episode.

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The Big Bang Theory: Who is Kelli Goss?Who does Kelli Goss play in Big Bang Theory? (Image: Channel 4/Getty Images)

Big Bang Theory: Kelli Goss is a guest starKelli Goss is in an episode of The Big Bang Theory (Image: Getty Images)

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Who is Kelli Goss?

Kelli Amanda Goss is a 27-year-old actress who was born in California.

She has been acting for 17 years, since 2003, and her first TV role was in My Name is Earl in 2007.

She played Joy in a couple of episodes before moving on to a TV series called United States of Tara.

She has also starred in Disney’s Hannah Montana with .

Big Bang Theory: Kelli Goss is in the showKelli Goss stars in The Big Bang Theory (Image: Getty Images)

The Big Bang Theory: The whole gangThe cast of The Big Bang Theory (Image: Channel 4)

What else has Kelli Goss starred in?

Goss is most likely recognisable from a TV series called

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