Donald 2020: POTUS victory as Democrats snub their leader 'worst ...

Donald is gearing up for the US general election in November as 11 Democrat contenders are vying to challenge the Republican president. US Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden are neck-in-neck for first place, with US Senator Elizabeth Warren and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg not far behind. But Mr Messina believes the Democrats have no chance of winning if Mr Sanders is elected.

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BBC Radio 4 host Nick Robinson asked: “Bernie Sanders seems to be going up in the polls almost relentless, it’s like a tank marching towards you.”

Speaking to the Today programme, Mr Messina said: “The interesting thing about Bernie Sanders is that Iowa has always been a really good state for him.

“In a primary when you have this many candidates, having a base is very, very important.

“Bernie’s challenge is that the view is he would be the worst candidate of all the major Democrats against President in a general election.

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Donald TrumpDonald will have no competition in the 2020 general election if one particularly Democrat runs (Image: GETTY)

Donald TrumpDonald is gearing up for the US general election in November (Image: GETTY )

“That’s the rationale for the candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, it’s why Joe Biden continues to lead the national polls because Democrats are absolutely desperate to beat Donald .

“Bernie’s challenge is proving to a bunch of naysayers that he can win a general election.

“The issue here isn’t who can excite the base. There’s a stupid debate in my party about do you nominate someone

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